• Inga Korsgaard, PhD

    Dr. Inga Korsgaard is a doctoral level Clinical Psychologist with over five years of experience in the field. Her work spans across different developmental stages from adolescence to late adulthood, including group therapy work and couples therapy. She works with clients in a clear, approachable manner. Dr. Korsgaard's style is warm, interactive and individualized based on the specific needs of each client. She provides the necessary tools, support and knowledge to disengage from old patterns to create a more enriching life. Examining thoughts, feelings, and emotions connected to old patterns is a path that leads to self-discovery and understanding of current, past, and an actualized optimal level functioning. Dr. Korsgaard is dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and groups achieve balance, connection, and fulfillment.


    Areas of specialty: Depression and Anxiety, Compulsive Behaviors, LGBTQ, Acculturation and Cross Cultural Issues, Life and Career Transitions, Low Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Loss and Grief, Relationship Issues, Social Anxiety, Stress Management. Dr Korsgaard conducts therapy in Spanish and Danish, as well as English.


    Dr. Korsgaard's treatment approach is tailored to fit her clients' individual needs to help them address self-defeating patterns in a safe and secure environment -- without judgment or censure.

    Contact Dr. Korsgaard

    (347) 674-1136