• Daniel Sims, PhD

    Daniel Sims, PhD, is a post-doctoral clinical psychologist, who works with adults and adolescents. He takes a pragmatic approach to his practice and aims to facilitate a collaborative, supportive, and dynamic process that encourages change and self-acceptance. He utilizes a broad range of interventions that enable emotional growth and target behavioral challenges including methods derived from relational therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT).


    Daniel's clinical training took place at the Center for Intensive Treatment of Personality Disorders at Mount Sinai West, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, and the Brooklyn College Counseling Center. His pre-doctoral internship was completed at Kings County Hospital.


    Daniel completed his doctorate at the Derner School of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University. His research focuses on self-disclosure and the interpersonal dynamics of privacy and withholding. He has also presented research on nonverbal communication in mother and infant relationships and attachment theory. In the fall, he will also be an adjunct professor in the Mental Health Counseling Master’s program at SUNY Old Westbury. He earned his Master’s of Art in Clinical Psychology from Adelphi University and his Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College.

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