• Frequently Asked Questions

    We are offering teletherapy during the coronavirus pandemic


    Payment varies by type of service and is set with your individual therapist. We accept cash, checks, and credit card. Greene Clinic generally functions on a sliding fee scale. While not all of our providers can offer sliding scale services at any given time, we work hard as a group to provide therapy that is affordable to many and to accommodate the various income levels and resources within the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill community. For clients seeking a reduced fee for services at Greene Clinic, we will ask you to complete a personal budget form along with your other intake materials, in order to collaboratively determine a fair yet affordable session fee.


    Fees with postgraduate therapists typically range from $60/session to $250. We offer further reduced fees (less than $50/session), for therapy with psychology, social work, and mental health counseling students and in some instances with postgraduate therapists as well.  


    As a group, we are currently out of network, but we are willing to help our clients determine their out of network benefits and to submit claims on their behalf.


    In order to determine your insurance out-of-network mental health benefits, we recommend calling and asking:

    • whether you need prior approval or a referral 
    • what is your deductible 
    • at what rate (%) your insurance reimburses you, after you have met your deductible. Often insurance plans will cover 70-80% of session costs. Alternately, ask what your co-insurance is (the percent of each session you’re responsible after the deductible has been met) 
    • whether they reimburse for the reasonable and customary amount 
    • is there a session limit, or alternatively an out-of-pocket maximum, after which they cover the whole session fee.

    Cancellation Policy

    We ask clients who need to miss a session to give as much advance warning as possible, so that we can try to reschedule if possible. Although providers may have different policies, generally missed sessions and cancellations within less than 24 hours of the session time are charged at the full session rate.

    Sliding Scale

    We offer a sliding scale in cases of financial need. During the intake process we will ask those requesting a reduced fee to state their monthly income level and monthly expenses. We will ask for an estimate of what you believe is affordable to pay for weekly sessions. We use a fee chart combined with more information from you to determine what we think is a fair and affordable fee. We'll address the fee in the initial phone consultation but the fee will ultimately be set with the therapist. Your therapist will use the information you share about your financial situation to determine an appropriate fee and discuss it with you during your initial sessions.