• Full fees


    Our current schedule of full fees for therapy is:

    • Individual therapy (45 minutes): $250

    • Couples therapy (60 minutes): $275

    • Group therapy (90 minutes): $125


    Sliding Scale


    The Greene Clinic offers a robust sliding scale for lower-income patients. Depending on current therapist availability, we may be able to offer sliding scale treatment for as low as $15/hour. Very low-fee treatment (less than $50/hour) is usually provided by our therapists-in-training, who work under the supervision of a licensed psychologist.


    If you are seeking reduced fee treatment, we will ask you to complete a personal budget form during the intake process in order to collaboratively determine a fair session fee.




    Our therapists typically bill at the end of each month, but you are welcome to pay at each session if you prefer. We accept cash, checks, and credit card. Greene




    The majority of our therapists are not in-network with any insurance plans. However, we are able to help clients with out-of-network coverage obtain reimbursement from their insurance plans. In order to determine your insurance out-of-network mental health benefits, we recommend calling and asking:

    • do I need prior approval or a referral to begin treatment with an out-of-network provider?

    • what is my out-of-network deductible?

    • at what rate does my plan reimburse for out-of-network services after I have met the deductible? Alternately, you can ask, what is my co-insurance (the percent of each session for which you are responsible after the deductible has been met)?

    • is there a session limit?

    • Is there an out-of-pocket maximum (the amount of spending after which they cover the whole session fee)?