• Greene Clinic offers both skills-based and process groups. Skills groups are typically time limited (2-6 months), and the focus of each group is to learn effective and concrete ways of coping, diminishing symptoms, or improving communication. Process groups are more open-ended and ongoing in scope; people often learn a tremendous amount about their interpersonal styles and habits, especially how they relate to and impact other people. Process groups are a way of receiving both support and challenges for growth.


    Current and Upcoming Groups:


    Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Nicholas Mendoza and Rachel Harrus

    16 weeks starting in December 2021

    Meeting remotely on Tuesdays, 12 - 1:30pm


    Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) integrates Eastern philosophical principles with Western behavioral psychology, in order to help individuals find balance between at times opposing ideas, such as acceptance and change, emotion and reason, being and doing. In practice, DBT groups focus on skill building and increasing insight. Specifically, each group begins with a Mindfulness practice and then delves variously into other topics such as tolerating distress, regulating emotions, and improving interpersonal communication. Group participants are invited to work on particular areas of their life they’d like to improve, develop skills to apply to those areas, and discuss and support each other through the difficulties inherent in change.


    This group has openings for new participants, although we are prioritizing people already on our DBT waiting list. It is limited to a small number of participants. The full fee for each 90-minute group is $120 with a sliding scale fee option, based on financial need. Please contact the clinic, or either of the group facilitators directly, for more information.


    Adjustment to Motherhood with Dr. Gabriella Cardona-Morales

    New group to start Winter 2022


    Transitioning into the role of motherhood, whether it is the first time or you have more than one child, can produce a host of mixed emotions. Alongside the experience of love/amazement, there is also anxiety, exhaustion, and feeling naturally overwhelmed. At times, motherhood can also bring about difficult feelings related to our upbringing and relationships with caregivers. This therapeutic group offers a safe space to explore and share these thoughts and feelings, often times hidden by mothers. Additionally, the group teaches practical strategies for navigating this complex role, including ways to enhance self-care, improve confidence, and reduce stress.




    In the event of crises (social, political, environmental), we offer support groups to help process events that may cause emotional distress to some of our clients. For more information, look for signs posted within the clinic or reach out to us for updates.

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