• Individual Therapy


    Individual therapy is a space to feel safe and supported as you challenge yourself to grow. At the Greene Clinic, individual sessions are typically held once or twice weekly for 45 minutes. When you contact us we will consult with you over the phone to understand your needs and match you with a therapy who we believe will be a good fit. We have clinicians with expertise in the following areas, among others:

    • Anxiety and depression
    • Disordered eating
    • Trauma recovery
    • Emotion regulation
    • Obsessive and compulsive behaviors
    • Creativity
    • Grief and mourning
    • Gender identity and transition
    • Sexual concerns
    • Non-normative sexualities
    • Nonmonogamy
    • Immigration and bi-cultural identity

    The majority of our therapists at the Greene Clinic work from a primarily psychoanalytic orientation. Psychoanalysis is an approach to therapy that is open-ended, client-led, and focused on developing deep self-understanding. Some also use perspectives from trauma theory, attachment theory, and Internal Family Systems. Many of our clinicians integrate skills-based approaches as needed, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and somatic techniques. We help our patients seek adjunctive psychiatric care when needed.


    Couple and Relationship Therapy


    Several of our providers are experienced in providing relationship therapy to couples and other groups, such as family members and friends. Relationship therapy is an opportunity to strengthen your connection, improve communication, and work through crises and stuck points in your relationship. Couples sessions are usually 60 minutes in length.


    Therapy for Children and Adolescents


    Several of our therapists have expertise in treating children and adolescents who are struggling with anxiety, depression, social difficulties, family changes, questions about gender or sexuality, and other concerns.