Psychological assessment is a scientifically-grounded way of learning about how a person's mind works. By gathering information from lots of sources - including interviews, observations, and standardized psychological tests - we help put the pieces together to develop a holistic understanding of an individual's struggles and strengths. Psychological assessment can be a valuable process for children and adults who are struggling in their academic or vocational settings, for people with complex mental health concerns who would like to clarify their diagnoses, or for anyone who would like to better understand themselves or their child. Assessment is an in-depth process that usually takes place across several meetings. At the end of your assessment, we will provide you with a detailed report describing our findings and recommendations.


    Conditions that can be explored through assessment include:

    • Giftedness
    • ADHD and executive functioning delays
    • Learning disorders and differences
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Cognitive or developmental delays

    • Mood and anxiety disorders

    • Thought disorders

    • Personality traits and relational patterns

    Our Values


    We are committed to providing assessments that are comprehensive and carefully tailored to your specific needs. We are respectful of neurodiversity and oppose approaches to assessment that stigmatize or oversimplify cognitive and emotional differences. Instead of changing individuals who process the world differently, we believe in working towards a world that is supportive of all kinds of minds.


    Paying for Assessment


    Because of the time required for our psychologists to conduct a thorough assessment and write a detailed report (usually 15-25 hours), the total cost is generally around $4500-$5500. Depending on your needs, we may sometimes be able offer a shorter, tailored test battery at a lower cost.


    If you have out-of-network insurance coverage, we can usually help you to receive reimbursement for 40-70% of the total fee.


    For clients with financial need, our pre-licensure psychologist trainees are available to provide assessments at a lower rate. Trainees will be closely supervised by an experienced licensed psychologist.


    For more information, please see our Adult Testing FAQ and Child Testing FAQ sheets.


    To get started, please contact Dr. Loren Dent or Dr. Jenny Marion.


    Collective Assessment


    Collective Assessment is an innovative process developed by Drs. Matthew Oyer and Loren Dent for assessing children, adolescents, and young adults who are in crisis. Collective assessment combines traditional psychological assessment techniques with a broader assessment of the networks in which the individual is embedded, including their immediate and extended family, healthcare providers, schools and workplaces, the carceral system, and the political and cultural surround. Collective assessments are conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the fields of psychology, social work, counseling and psychiatry. For more information about Collective Assessment, visit here.