• Fort Greene Dream Collective

    Each one of us has experienced waking from a dream, feeling its echo, remembering events and debris of the prior day, then moving through waking life aware of its glimmering broadcast. Our dreams are here and gone, here and gone.

    And yet we feel implicated: the dream, however opaque, has been given into our care.

    Each culture has developed its own techniques for reading and writing dreams, using their over- and undertones to engage and enrich waking life. But sometimes it can feel like our dreams have been lost. The structures of society that shape our lives make little room for dreaming as the demands of daily life push the vivid images, the pangs of longing, and the confusing messages far from consciousness. Our dreams get channeled into the routines of school, work, and consumerism. But what if we could find a place to dream, think, and explore outside of those structures and routines? What if we could dream with each other?

    Now you can bring your dream to the weekly Fort Greene Dream Collective, Sundays from 11 AM -2 PM beneath the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument. The Dream Collective will archive -- anonymously or not -- your dream in a network of memory, associations, and acts, and in an online archive that will be available for public circulation and use (artistic, scientific, political, spiritual).

    There will be art supplies for children who wish to bring a dream of their own, and Dream Collectors will be available to facilitate.

    Let us collectively dream, dream collectively; let us dream the collective.

    The Fort Greene Dream Collective was dreamt up by the Greene Clinic.