• Therapy for Mind and Body

    Greene Clinic offers high quality, sliding-scale, psychological and psychiatric services to Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities


    The Greene Clinic is committed to racial, sexual and gender, and economic justice and more equitable access to mental health care.


    Gabriella Cardona-Morales, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Frank Castro, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Loren Dent, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Externship Co-Director

    Amanda Elcock, BA

    Administrative Manager

    Sophia Frydman, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Assistant Director

    Saman Kamgar-Parsi, MSW


    Cassie Kaufmann, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist​

    Director of Greene Clinic

    Nadia Kuprian, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Jeffrey Lawrence, PsyD

    Clinical Psychologist

    Francesca Lo Russo, MHC, MFA


    Sula Malina, MSW


    Jenny Marion, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Assistant Director

    Nicholas Mendoza, MSW, MDiv


    Pedro Olivetti, MD, PhD


    Matthew Oyer, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Externship Co-Director

    Celeste Pietrusza, PhD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Shervin Ravan, MD


    Medical Director

    Sara Richardson, PhD

    Clinical Psychologist

    Katelyn Russell, LMSW


    Daniel Sims, PhD

    Clinical Psychologist

    Sonja Stengel, LCAT, ATR-BC

    Art Therapist

    Tamzin Baker, MA

    Psychology Extern


    Liam Bang, MA

    Psychology Extern


    Ani Fredman, BA

    Psychology Extern


    Rachel Tayler, MSc, MA

    Psychology Extern


    Kalen Wheeler, MSEd

    Mental Health Counseling Intern




    Individual Therapy

    Individual psychotherapy sessions are typically held once or twice weekly for 45 minutes. Clients meet with one of our psychotherapists to talk through ongoing, past or current concerns. We are able to provide therapy in English, Spanish, Russian, Danish, German, and Portuguese.


    Couple and Relationship Therapy

    Couples come into therapy for many different reasons. Sometimes to improve their communication or intimacy, sometimes to figure out whether to stay together or break-up. Sessions for couples are usually 45-60 minutes in length.


    Group Therapy

    Greene Clinic offers both skills-based and process groups. Skills groups are typically time limited (2-8 months), and the focus of each group is to learn effective and concrete ways of coping, diminishing symptoms (e.g. of anxiety, depression, insomnia), or improving communication. Process groups are more open-ended and ongoing in scope; people often learn a tremendous amount about their interpersonal styles and habits, especially how they relate to and impact other people. Process groups are a way of receiving both support and challenges for growth.


    At any given time, the Greene Clinic may offer skills groups such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (including Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills), Mind-Body Group, and Parenting. Process groups include focus on Art Therapy, Identity, Creativity, Relationships, or Eating Disorders.


    See Services for current and upcoming groups or contact us for more information and for group requests.

    Assessments and Psychological Evaluations

    For more information about Greene Clinic Collective Assessments, visit here


    Neuropsychological, Psychoeducational, and Diagnostic Assessment

    Greene Clinic offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, from which we generate thorough reports and recommendations. Individuals tend to seek out such evaluations in order to receive greater diagnostic clarity and recommendations for conditions such as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), specific learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, dementia, disordered thinking, anxiety, mood disorders, and developmental disabilities. Evaluations usually require a commitment of 8-15 hours, often scheduled over a few sessions.


    Forensic Evaluations for Immigration Cases

    Some staff at Greene Clinic have expertise in evaluations for immigrants seeking asylum. Please inquire further.


    Emotional Support Animal Evaluations

    For clients in our care, we offer evaluations related to acquiring emotional support animals when appropriate.


    Letters of Surgical Necessity for Gender-Affirming Procedures

    We offer evaluations for letters for gender-affirming procedures, which can be shared directly with surgeon’s offices and insurance companies.


    See Services for more detailed information


    We facilitate referrals to psychiatrists when appropriate.


    Contact Dr. Ravan or Dr. Olivetti for more information


    In the event of crises (social, political, environmental), we offer support groups to help process events that may cause emotional distress to some of our clients. For more information, look for signs posted within the clinic or reach out to us for updates.


    For more information, see Services

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We are offering teletherapy during the coronavirus pandemic


    Payment varies by type of service and is set with your individual therapist. We accept cash, checks, and credit card. Greene Clinic generally functions on a sliding fee scale. While not all of our providers can offer sliding scale services at any given time, we work hard as a group to provide therapy that is affordable to many and to accommodate the various income levels and resources within the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill community. For clients seeking a reduced fee for services at Greene Clinic, we will ask you to complete a personal budget form along with your other intake materials, in order to collaboratively determine a fair session fee.


    As a group, we are currently out of network, but we are willing to help our clients determine their out of network benefits and to submit claims on their behalf. Some of our individual practitioners are in-network for select insurance, including Aetna.


    In order to determine your insurance out-of-network mental health benefits, we recommend calling and asking:

    • whether you need prior approval or a referral 
    • what is your deductible 
    • at what rate (%) your insurance reimburses you, after you have met your deductible. Often insurance plans will cover 60-80% of session costs. Alternately, ask what your co-insurance is (the percent of each session you’re responsible after the deductible has been met) 
    • whether they reimburse for the reasonable and customary amount 
    • is there a session limit, or alternatively an out-of-pocket maximum, after which they cover the whole session fee.

    Cancellation Policy

    We ask clients who need to miss a session to give as much advance warning as possible, so that we can try to reschedule if possible. Although providers may have different policies, generally missed sessions and cancellations within less than 24 hours of the session time are charged at the full session rate.

    Therapy and training

    Our community clinic includes psychiatrists, social workers, an art therapist, two mental health counselors and a number of licensed clinical psychologists and psychology trainees. Trainees from multiple disciplines (psychology, social work, mental health counseling) are supervised in psychoanalytic theory and technique as well as other critical modes of engagement (critical psy-, postcolonial, race, and gender theories, institutional psychotherapy).


    For individuals seeking a therapy referral, we will hold a brief phone consultation. Let us know some good times and a phone number to reach you.

    89 Fort Greene Place, 2nd Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217